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Get the right answers in less time with proven study techniques, practice questions to test your new skills and self-care to nourish your success.

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Hi! I'm Ilene

Author & Founder of RefreshExamS®,

I’m a nationally recognized author, speaker and registered dietitian nutritionist who loves mentoring dietitians-in-the-making to pass the exam with confidence.

Since 2015, through my company RefreshExams, I’ve transformed hundreds of dietetic students into full fledged registered dietitians using my in-depth insights and intuitive nature to refine my strategy in a way that makes sense.

I’ve seen how there’s more to just learning the facts to successfully pass your registration exam.

I have a deep passion for transforming newbie dietitians into confident professionals so they can move beyond the exam and excel in their dream career. My strength lies in combining my unique background as a dietitian and yoga therapist to help my students pass the dietitian exam better with a higher score than they ever could imagine and then increase their income and marketability in the workforce as they find their purpose.

With my tried and tested method, The KEY Strategy®, I show you how to get the right answers in less time, without the stress and with more success.

"Love the book so far. The key word concept is very helpful!"
Mark Dobson

You’re so ready to get your career started as a dietitian!

Hold up!

There’s one last hurdle to jump before you cross the finish line.

Studying for the exam is challenging.

Do you find yourself getting caught up in learning all the information you have to know, second-guessing yourself and aimlessly taking test questions?

The KEY Strategy® gives you the test-taking and self-care strategies you need to get the right answer in less time without the stress.

Study with purpose

Strategy gives purpose to our studying, strengthening our knowledge.

See your improvements

Put the strategies into action as you work through the book and see your scores soar!

Pass the exam!

Go into the exam confident that you have all the strategies you need to get your career started.

"Love this book!! Ilene Cohen's approach is a game-changer for RD exam prep. She has come up with this fantastic three-step method called The KEY Strategy®, and it's like having a map to success in your hands. What's super cool is that she breaks down those complicated ideas into simple steps that anyone can understand. Plus, her focus on self-care tools has given me the confidence boost I needed during those late-night study sessions.

Ilene doesn't just stop at passing the exam. She dives into what happens next, like explaining how to build your CPEU Portfolio and how to keep growing in the field whether you're considering starting your own private practice or pursuing advanced certifications like CDCES and CNSC. So, if you're gearing up for the RD exam, The KEY Strategy® is your secret weapon. Ilene's friendly and practical approach, complete with exercises and real-life advice, has made this book my go-to study buddy!"
Hala Elsadig, Dietetic Intern

Take a look inside the KEY Strategy® book

Part 1

How to get the most from this book

  • How The KEY Strategy® differs from other study guides
  • How to use The KEY Strategy® book to get the most out of it
  • How The KEY Strategy® was developed

Part 2

The KEY Strategy®

  • The 3 essential ingredients to The KEY Strategy®
  • How to read the question to choose the right answer
  • How to easily eliminate the wrong answers
  • How to pick the right answer of the “final two” answer choices

Part 3

Unlocking the test-taking secrets

  • Learn the different types of test questions
  • Find out how to choose the right answer for each question type
  • Discover our timing strategies and stop worrying about running out of time

Part 4

Self-care for study & exam day

  • How mindset, yoga, breathwork, aromatherapy and massage can help you manage test anxiety
  • Using these strategies to improve your studying and exam success
  • Discovery our test-day strategies to keep a clear mind

Part 5

You’re a dietitian - let’s celebrate!

  • Unlock the secrets to entrepreneurship, private practice and freelance!
  • The CPEU Portfolio demystified
  • Beyond credentialing – specializations and aspirations.

Plus! Get these Bonuses!

  • Discover your learning style quiz and use it to help you get results.
  • Study for Your Sign – astrology and study tips for your sign.
  • You & The Exam: How knowing your personality type can help you pass
  • Breathing for Exam Success mp3 audio recording
  • Yoga poses for self-care and study
  • Yoga Nidra audio mp3 recording
  • Practice exam questions – Question bank to test your KEY Strategy® skills along the way


There are a lot of questions that students have, and a lot of concerns about why they’re not getting answers correct on the exam, why they continuously fail, and why they’re so overwhelmed. Since 2015 we’ve tutored hundreds of students through The KEY Strategy® process. And have heard almost all the questions out there about the exam. The KEY Strategy® book goes through it goes through the mistakes that many students are making and how not to make them. The book can answer specific questions, because it’s super comprehensive.
The KEY Strategy® book goes through a very specific framework in which it lays out the strategy from the theory to the practical application. I take you through the components of the strategy step-by-step, discussing the theory, giving examples and allowing you to test it out on actual practice questions.
Yes, it is very up to date! it will be published this year, 2022. The KEY Strategy® book incorporates everything that I’ve refined about my strategy since 2016. The KEY Strategy® doesn’t change if the exam questions change. It’s the strategy to get the answers right each time. And it includes current self-care strategies to help you take care of yourself and those exam nerves.
First of all blogs are meant to be just the introduction. In order to really understand the in-depth reasoning behind the strategy, and then to actually practice the strategy, you need a book that’s going to be more than just a page or two that a blog would be.

There’s a different way to approach
your study for the exam!

Experience the transformation in your answer-finding skills as you work through
The KEY Strategy® step-by-step.

  • Learn my 3-step signature method, The KEY Strategy®.
  • Put it into action right away by answering practice test questions
  • Practice test questions included in your book purchase
  • Learn self-care tools to take into the test center to boost your confidence
  • Explore what happens after you successfully pass the exam, including demystifying the CPEU Portfolio!

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