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Yes! We have a signature test-taking strategy created by our founder Ilene Cohen called The KEY Strategy®.

The KEY Strategy® is a groundbreaking approach developed over 6-years of tutoring dietetic students.

  • Learn how to read the questions to find out what’s really being asked
  • Learn how to read the answers and eliminate the guesswork
  • Learn how to critically think about why you’re choosing your answers

As we prepare students to pass the exam, we feel that it’s equally as important to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to work as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. As we go through materials and practice questions, we take a deep dive into concepts that our students will need to work effectively as a dietitian.

Our programs uniquely focus on each student’s needs to ensure a high chance for success.

  • We take a team approach to tutoring with highly-trained specialists in each area
  • We offer boutique, holistic tutoring and exam prep
  • Our group classes mean you get real-time answers
  • Our tutoring and exam prep is tailored to your individual learning style

During sessions, we look at the areas our individual students find challenging and address them specifically. We work towards a deep understanding of concepts, and have great memory approaches including mnemonics, word association and stories to help solidify knowledge that needs to be memorized!

Our team of expert dietitians and tutors at RefreshExamS goes beyond other test prep options in the quality of expertise we can offer. Our tutors are specialty dietitians from all areas, including food service, clinical and research with real-world experience.

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Yes, we do! We track pass rates for students who go through our tutoring programs very carefully.

We measure the percentages of all students following a research protocol designed by our research team so our pass rates are always accurate and valid.

95% of our students have failed the RD exam anywhere from 1 to 10 or more times before coming to us. Our pass rate for first-time test takers is currently 78%*.

Data available from the CDR shows that pass rates for the repeat test taker are 34.4% without intervention, but if you take the test more than 4 times, the national pass rate is only 21%. While we can never guarantee a student will pass the exam, given these statistics, we’re happy to say that our students who are repeat test takers have a 1.5% higher chance of passing after they have worked with us. 

*Based on RefreshExamS® data from 2016-2020 for repeat test takers and 2017 to 2021 for first-time test takers.

Absolutely. It’s OK if you’re not currently applying your knowledge in a work setting—we regularly work with students who are not practicing as a dietitian.

Part of our approach includes simulated role-play exercises as well as interactive learning. Sometimes we have our students “teach us” a concept as if we are a patient, which helps solidify concepts in a setting similar to the real world as research shows people learn best when teaching others.

We also include question and answer exercises in our tutoring, group classes and homework assignments which engage students directly instead of just providing them with raw information. By asking students to tell us what they know, we can fill in the gaps in their existing knowledge!

Yes, there are homework assignments within each module consisting of both short answer and multiple-choice questions to give you practice with both the facts and make sure you can apply them. Homework includes carbohydrate counting and nutrient assignments in addition to strategy templates you can work with for practice questions. Our signature online flashcard sets convert the material into multiple-choice, True and False, fill in the blank and match questions through the Test and Learn Features in our online platform.

While we recommend our resources that are designed to help students with strategy and knowledge building with  our own 50-question practice test exam with detailed rationales. All of our programs include a 600 question bank subscription through our partnership with Pocket Prep.

The resources we provide you with are designed by Ilene and her tutoring team of expert dietitians who are experienced in working with students and are knowledgeable about the material through decades of professional experience and years of tutoring. Our food service tutors have work experience in that area, while our clinical tutors have extensive experience in the clinical arenas. We have tutors who hold advanced specialty board certifications, such as the CDCES (Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist) and CNSC (Certified Nutrition Support Clinician) so the materials they design are top notch!

We also include question and answer exercises, which engage students directly instead of just providing them with raw information. By asking students to tell us what they know, we can fill in the gaps in their existing knowledge!

Yes the student can choose their pace and their hours. It is the most flexible program we have.

Ilene Cohen, RefreshExamS® founder is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist and Certified Yoga Therapist.

She’s worked as a Dietetic tutor and Spanish tutor for many years with high school, college, and adult students. We have a CNSC (Certified Nutrition Support Clinician) tutor who also leads or CNSC exam prep program. Our associate tutors are all working in the field as professional dietitians and have varying years of work experience. They also have a combination of Master’s degrees and years of precepting experience with dietetic interns in different practice settings.

In addition to these qualifications, some of our tutors are former students who have scored exceptionally high on the exam, and understand our method and effectively help current students succeed. In addition, our food service tutors have had years of experience in the food service field.

We are very selective when it comes to our tutors and we receive feedback from our students after each session with their tutor so we can provide the best experience.

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