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Passing the dietetic registration exam isn’t just about knowing the exam content.

Our personalized tutoring programs give you the flexibility to learn, study efficiently and feel confident about passing the exam.

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Get the support you need, one-on-one with our expert tutors.

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Nothing beats personalized tutoring to boost your skills and confidence before taking the registration exam.

And you want to learn from dietitians who have real-life, current experience within their specialization.

We’ve created this one-on-one tutoring package as a comprehensive, all-in-one platform the option of small study groups so you get the support and skills you need to study strong, pass the first time (or more) and start your career with confidence.

Exam Success in 10-hours One-on-One Program

Get your dietetics career started with confidence!
  • 10 hours of one-one-one time with our experienced RDN associate tutors.
  • Flexible session times to match your schedule.
  • Recordings of all 15 classes from the Success Course.
  • Email support in between sessions so all your questions are answered.
  • Personalized feedback on your homework and study plan.
  • Homework assignments based on your individual needs to compliment your learning.
  • Individualized feedback / grading on assignments.
  • Answer keys upon homework submission so you don’t just know whether you were right or wrong, but why!
  • Printable PDF handouts of our signature course materials and resources.
  • Our 50 question practice exam with detailed rationales and a customized summary with your results.
  • Access to our signature online flashcard sets for the duration of your program.
  • Pre-exam phone call to assess your readiness for the exam.
  • Post exam phone call to discuss your results and next steps.
  • Customized study plan taking into account your learning style.

RefreshExamS Classes

Exam Strategy

The KEY Strategy®– RefreshExamS®, LLC’s signature strategy class created by founder Ilene Cohen – a must for any student!

Not All Questions Are Created Equal on the Exam – another Refresh exclusive strategy class created and taught by Ilene.

Domains 1-IV classes 

  • Nutrients: Know Your Micros & Macros
  • Labs You Need To Know & How to Remember the Critical Ones
  • Research & The Exam: It’s Not Just Another Statistic
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy: The Disease States You Need To Know For the Exam
  • Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition Support: Complications & Solutions
  • Diabetes: Open the Door to the Cell of Knowledge
  • Pregnancy, Lactation and Infants
  • From Tip Toes To Aches Pains & Whoas: Pediatric, Adolescent & Geriatric MNT
  • East To West On the Exam: Drug, Nutrient, Herbs Interactions
  • Foodservice Calculations: How To Tackle Most Without Memorizing Formulas
  • Play It Safe On the Exam: Food Science, Food Safety and Foodborne Illnesses
  • Community Nutrition
    Management: How To Manage Domain 3 On The Exam

Exam Success in 10-hours package options

Success in 10-hours: 1-1 tutoring with one of our expert associate dietitian tutors

Success in 10-hours: 1-1 tutoring with our clinical expert, Natasia Tomlinson, RDN, CNSC, LDN

Success in 10-hours: 1-1 tutoring with our founder, Ilene Cohen, MS, RDN, CDCES, C-IAYT

What students are saying...

"I am very glad that I did join RefreshExamS® since I was finally able to pass, and I learned so much which will be valuable to my career. I also feel that I have gained exceptional knowledge by learning 1:1 and having a tutor delve into my needs as an individual. BELIEVE that it will make a difference and I believe that it will! And also utilize every single resource (or as much as you can)."
Gila Adler, RDN

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You want tutors who have real-life experience to help you learn and understand what you’re learning. To get a true understanding, you need to learn from a genuine expert in the field with years of experience. Our tutors are all working professionals who can supplement your factual knowledge with real stories and authentic examples that help you recall during the exam.